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Dr. McKinstry has got to be the best ophthalmologist in… Read more “”

I saw Dr. McKinstry for an emergency visit, and I hope she understands that she saved my vision AND my… Read more “”

I had botox injections for the first time. Still getting used to it but I am super… Read more “”

Thank you Dr. McKinstry, I feel like a new… Read more “”

I come here for botox and I can’t describe how comfortable I feel with… Read more “”

I’m always greeted with a smile by Vanessa. I love the new… Read more “”

The staff are great, and I am so pleased with Dr.… Read more “”

“ust what I was looking for. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Thanks, keep up the good… Read more “”

I had eyelid surgery 3 months ago, and I have to say, the whole experience with Dr. Mckinstry, my outcome, and staff, have been the best treatment from any doctor I have received! So happy with my… Read more “Eyelid surgery”

I had eyelid surgery with Dr McKinstry for my droopy lids. My vision was impaired, and I was having trouble driving. Dr McKinstry did a ptosis repair, and I am now able to see! She and her staff, are the best!! They care about the patients needs, and explain everything in great… Read more “She and her staff, are the best!!”

P. Nym

Dr McKinstry is one of the most professional doctors I have met. She has done two surgeries on me, and I love her work, especially the results. She is thorough, takes the time to explain what is anticipated and answers all questions. I could not have asked for a better physician. Her office staff is… Read more “I could not have asked for a better physician.”

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Dr. McKinstry has been treating my dry eye symptoms, which I have been dealing with for years. I am happy to say, she has dry eye down to a science! For the first time, my eyes feel the best they ever have! She is so caring, along with her staff! great… Read more “Down to a science”

Self-verified patient of Dr. M P Mckinstry - Posted on December 5th, 2018

I had a great experience with Dr McKinstry. I had severe dry eye, and she has treated me with great success. I am very thankful for her complete follow through, and her kindness. Another note, her staff is the… Read more “dry eye”

Self-verified patient of Dr. M P Mckinstry

I feel very fortunate to have selected Dr McKinstry. Dr McKinstry provided me with the utmost care from start to finish. I was informed on all details and the results exceeded my expectations. Thank you to the friendly staff at Dr. Mckinstry’s for providing me with excellent… Read more “I feel very fortunate”

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Dr McKinstry called to see how I was doing when she was on vacation!!! She called another doctor and set up an appointment for me… Read more “Called me on her vacation”

I was referred to Dr. McKinstry after visiting three other doctors. She made room in her busy schedule and saw me the same day. She performed a thorough exam and determined that I needed an MRI. She made the appointment for me. She went into the office on her day off to read the MRI!… Read more “Made room in her busy schedule”


I’m very pleased that I decided to have surgery on my upper eyelids and fix the bags in my lower lids. It turned out great. The dr is the best, and the staff are very… Read more “Very pleased”

Mrs. Ly

Dr. McKinstry is a miracle worker. The beautiful reconstructive surgery she did on my lower lid after basal cell removal was nothing short of a miracle. I had a large hole after the basal cell was removed, and after her surgery it is impossible to any sign of that hole – my lower eye lid… Read more “Miracle Worker”

Ann Hyde

After an eye injury, I realized the need for a good eye doctor. Not wanting to chance my vision with just anyone, I researched a lot of board certified ophthalmic plastic surgeons and I kept coming back to Dr McKinstry as one of the best in Southern Orange County. Thinking back, I was doubtful that two… Read more “I have not had any eye problems since seeing Dr. McKinstry”

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Dr McKinstry is a miracle worker. The beautiful reconstruction she did on my lower eye lid after a basal cell removal was nothing short of a miracle. I had a large hole after the basal cell was removed, and after Dr. McKinstry’s reconstruction surgery, it is impossible to see any sign of that hole and my… Read more “Miracle Worker”

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I had a bilateral lower lid fat repositioning from Dr McKinstry, and had amazing results. I know longer have saggy bags under my eyes, which made me look tried and old. I now have complete smooth skin, and no bags…I am so happy! Dr McKinstry and her staff are so delightful and professional. I would highly… Read more “Highly Recommend!”

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I recently had a forehead lift, and I could not be happier.. I look and feel amazing!!!Dr McKinstry took the time to explain, and made me feel comfortable when making my decision. Thank you Dr McKinstry and her amazing staff for making me feel… Read more “Forehead Lift”

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I had a great result with Dr McKinstry. I had voluma injections to fill out the hallows under my eyes,and Botox to the forehead area. I am extremely happy with the results. I look 5 years younger. I would highly recommend Dr McKinstry for any of your cosmetic… Read more “Voluma Injections”

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She’s probably one of the best ophthalmologist surgeons there is. Had an automobile accident where eye socket smashed … lower lid displaced … trauma and you name it. All better now, eye functions, sight about same as other and looks great. Thanks to her… Read more “One of the Best”

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Staff and office people very friendly and professional. Doctor very good and… Read more “Good, Comforting Doctor”

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My experience has been outstanding. The office is very friendly, energizing.and the patient is made to feel important. Dr McKinstry is caring as is her staff. I am very happy with the results of my surgery and the attention I received before and after… Read more “Outstanding Experience”

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Excellent education, surgery, and follow-up. Office staff very involved and friendly. Would highly… Read more “Highly recommended”

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Very friendly staff pleasant office environment competent medical care and… Read more “Friendly staff and pleasant office”

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This is a very professional, helpful staff. Everyone works together to give the patient the best care. Dr McKinstry is a great surgeon, and is meticulous in her… Read more “Professional and Helpful”

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The doctor and her staff are by far the most pleasant people to deal with. The doctor is the best in Orange… Read more “Best in OC”

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Everyone was very friendly and willing to help you. They have a good sense of humor which is refreshing, since I have a very humorous… Read more “Friendly and willing”

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Dr McKinstry made herself very available for any of my post-op concerns. I felt like I was ‘in great… Read more “In Great Hands”

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Dr McKinstry corrected my droopy upper eyelid. It took about 3 office visits, before surgery, spaced out over about two months. During the first visit she applied some liquid to my droopy eyelid and within seconds it opened up to match my other eyelid. She did this to determine what kind of surgery I required.… Read more “No pain during surgery”

Nestor N.
B. P

First visit. Excellent staff. Very competent Doctor , B.H-Cipriani – From… Read more “Very competent”


I had eyelid surgery with amazing results! Would highly recommend Dr McKinstry. Very professional, and detail oriented.Her staff, top notch. J. Jarvis – From… Read more “Eyelid surgery with amazing results!”