Artificial Eyes

Some patients may have non-seeing, misshapen or deformed eyeballs as a result of severe injury or severe chronic diseases of the eye. These eyes may cause chronic pain. The pain can be relieved and a near normal appearance can be restored by removing the eye or the contents of the eye. The defect is replaced with an implanted sphere made of silicone or a porous material. The patient’s blood vessels and body tissues grow into the implant, making it part of the patient’s body.

Once the socket has healed after Dr. McKinstry has placed the implant, an ocularist makes a prosthesis. This is an oval-shaped, large contact lens which is painted to match the patient’s other good eye. This prosthesis can be coupled to the implant so that it moves normally and the two eyes move together in unison. There are many one-eyed patients who lead normal lives and have normal appearances.

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