Post-Operative Recovery

Postoperative Recovery

Postoperatively, most patients can expect to have bruising for one to two weeks. To minimize bruising we ask that for two weeks before surgery patients avoid taking aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents or other blood thinning medications. We do give patients a list of these medications.

On the day of surgery and the day after surgery iced compresses are placed over the eyes for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Occasionally one eye might be patched for one day and after forehead lifts the forehead is wrapped for one day. The biggest danger after surgery is a bleed so we ask that the patient do nothing to raise their blood pressure during the first five days after surgery. This means that the patient should not bend over so the head is lower than their waist, not lift over 30 pounds and not do anything strenuous. Walking on the flat is fine, as is regular desk work.

Each patient will have a complete review of all their postoperative instructions and be given written copies of their instructions before the surgery is performed so they can be familiar with everything they will have to do beforehand. Patients are always seen on the first day following surgery and usually one week after that at which time sutures may be removed. Scalp staples or fixation devices for forehead lifts are removed two weeks after surgery. Patients are routinely seen at one month and three months postoperatively. More frequent visits are arranged as needed.