Thyroid Eye Disease – This patient has thyroid eye disease. In the preoperative photos you see her as she was after the misaligned eye muscles had been corrected by another surgeon to align the eyes. Preoperatively the right eye bulged forward significantly more than the left eye due to swelling of the muscles and fat behind the eye. In surgery, first the right eye was moved backwards into the eye socket by excising the fat behind the right eye (right orbital fat decompression) and also removing bone to give a larger bony socket to better hold the expanded swollen muscles (right lateral orbital wall decompression). The swollen and excess tissue of the right lower eyelid was repaired by performing a lateral canthoplasty in which the right lower eyelid was tightened, shortened and raised at the outer corner. She also had the excess skin and fat excised and had a mid-face cheek lift on that side. A similar procedure to a lesser degree was performed on the left eye for symmetry. After healing from this surgery, she had a cosmetic coronal brow lift and full face CO2 laser resurfacing.

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